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The U.S President Obama ended his tour to Asia and returned to the United States on November 14th. Although he said that all Asian countries are expecting the United States to intervene Asia. The U.S media analyze that Obama does not achieve the objective because the international situation is not like what he thought.

It is reported that Obama emphasized the importance for economic of Asian markets again when he returned to the United States. And he hopes he can open the markets in Asia and make the United States to be the biggest producer in the world.

Obama said that the purpose of his tour to Asia is to open the new markets for America’s products. Just like what I said several times, America will not be the second forever. What we are striving for is not just to be the largest importer and consume the products from other places, but the largest producer in the world and sell our products all over the world.

The new security advisor of the White House reaffirmed that Obama offered a priority strategic policy to the Asia countries. He also said that the four countries which Obama had visited agreed the cooperation with the United States. They also hope the United States can play as the leader of all the countries to ensure the balance among regions.

AP evaluates Obama’s visit to Asia as “Success and disappoint coexist” on November 15th. It analyses that Obama gets a dramatic success in India and Indonesia. Both the two countries have strategic significance to the United States. The 100 billion dollars economic agreement is a good evidence for their cooperation and 코인카지노쿠폰 also showed the future prosperity of Asia.

In South Korea, the greatest prize for America is the free trade agreement signed by South Korea and America.

As a President of a country, 코인카지노총판 it is not a good thing to meet another country’s President by nothing. Even if the trade agreement can not be reached in the next few weeks, 바카라사이트 Obama also can feel the achievement in it. In addition, on the G20 summit, the United States was not against China’s monetary policy, but encounter criticize by other countries.

No matter what is their situation of their policy, the most important is to improve the economy of all the countries, especially for Asian countries.

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